Our workshops have been described as the IDEO of NYC educational landscape. We provide the tools, materials, & facilitation to take you through the design process in service of the outcome you hope to achieve. Two examples of past projects:

  • When a new principal took over a school that had been through three leaders in three years, she felt she needed to design and communicate a vision that honored both what was working in the past and what needed to change under her leadership. In this workshop, school leadership team members participated in a “Revisioning” retreat that included reviewing school artifacts, interviewing community members, revisiting and revising the mission statement & core values, & more.
  • A high school was struggling to engage their students, students communicated that they felt they were just going through the motions and were force fed content that they didn’t care about. Teachers were exhausted by the daily grind of trying to facilitate classroom learning when 1/3 or more of the students were absent, and another 1/3 were not engaged. This school engaged in design processes geared toward reimagining how to onboard students in 9th grade to build more engagement in the 4-year experience and how to restructure students’ programs in order to build more time for students to explore and pursue their passions.

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